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Breeder's Bio

Hello, my name is Yvette Hobbs.  I am a retired registered nurse.  After an intensive practicum in Labor and Delivery, I graduated from Syracuse University with a BS in Nursing.  My first job as a RN was at Duke University Medical Center, working in Pediatric Oncology Bone Marrow Transplant.  But, I quickly went back to my first love as a nurse working on High Risk Antepartum, Newborn Nursery, and Mother / Baby units.  I had planned to go back to school to become a midwife but after having my own children, going back to college became less of a priority.


In 2021, during the COVID - 19 pandemic, I left my position working as a RN Case Manager in Los Angeles, to work in the field as a COVID - 19 Clinical Quality Assurance Oversight Manager.  I oversaw all of the COVID - 19 testing and vaccination sites on the central coast region of California from Oxnard to Morro Bay, and other sites south of San Francisco.  Among many of my responsibilities were to visit these sights for quality assurance inspections, the site staff work process, continuing education of staff, and in particular, the vaccine cold-chain.  


So…. What does the above have to do with breeding Biewer Terriers?


It was during this time working COVID - 19 in California, we purchased our first Biewer Terrier.  


On my time off, as a new and fun outside activity with my little girl “Freya,” we started participating in AKC confirmation event shows.  She did very well in the shows, and we were meeting and learning from many new people at each show.    


After 25+ years as a RN and as COVID - 19 wound down in April 2022, I was ready to leave my profession all together.  Today, I devote my time 24/7 to my dogs, their beautiful babies and I love every minute of it!   It’s the best of both worlds for me.  My family and I now have a small home-based kennel and we continue to travel and participate in AKC confirmation events.  We love talking with fellow owners, handlers, and groomers.  We are always learning new tips and  enjoying this life with our dogs.


Guess you could say, I’ve been training for this most of my life.  I have found that the pregnancy, delivery and care of these amazing puppies is surprisingly similar; I can still make use of my medical skills and it seems, that I have become a midwife after all.

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