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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How do I know that this sale on the internet is not a scam?


J’adore Biewers will only reserve a pup with a returned signed contract and down payment.   Unfortunately, Breeders can get scammed too so this is for the buyer’s protection as much as our protection.  A contract at least gives some assurance that both parties are committed to the purchase / sale and are in agreement on terms.


Why do you not let prospective parents in to see the puppies?


We are happy to take photos or videos anytime to send to the prospective buyer.  We also offer video chats (Zoom or Facetime) with your chosen puppy.  We have a small in-home breeding program with 5 adult dogs…so imagine the chaos that comes when a “Chewy” delivery or Amazon truck arrives.  To invite people into our home to play and choose a puppy is just too much of a disruption to our household, and with COVID -19 it is not safe for anyone.  We try our best and prefer to keep our dogs and especially young puppies in a comfortable peaceful family home environment.   


Why do the puppies / dogs cost so much?  Why a large deposit?


That is a great question with a long answer!

The short answer is – With J’adore Biewers, you get what you pay for.


Biewer Terriers (the real ones, not Parti-Yorkies) are a new and rare breed; recognized by AKC in 2021.  We DNA test all our dogs upon entering our breeding program for the dog’s breed purity and genetic health from the common canine diseases that can afflict dogs.  We are happy to announce that all our dogs are 100% purebred Biewer Terriers and clear of the known canine genetic diseases tested by DNA.  


These dogs are better cared for than unfortunately many humans.  All our adults are AKC registered and show quality.  This means that when we breed an AKC Champion dog we are likely to get better quality, healthy and even temperament puppies.  We are breeding specifically to “better the breed.”  Of course, not all puppies are going to be show quality for various reasons, but the chances are higher when you breed high quality dogs together, you get better quality puppies.  


We require a deposit that goes towards the purchase because that lets us know that the prospective family is serious about their desire to purchase one of our puppies.  There are a lot of costs to acquiring these dogs, showing them in AKC confirmation events, having a litter, and finding the right family for each pup.  If for some reason the sale does not go through because the buyer changes their mind, we either keep the deposit or put that family on a waiting list to help them find the right puppy in the next litter.  Deposits are non-refundable. 



Why is it important to breed puppies from Champion pedigrees?


Again, simply put….. you get what you pay for.


A dog that has an AKC title of Champion has been in the ring and judged at the very least by 4 different judges and the dog has proven to meet the breed standard set forth by the parent club BTCA Biewer Terrier Club of America.  We are a proud member of the BTCA.  We strive to have the best possible examples of the Biewer Terrier breed.  When we purchase a dog that will eventually enter our breeding program, we choose only from the best (most successful in confirmation events) pedigrees and closely examine the dog’s genetic health testing results.  All our dogs have multi-generational Grand Champion pedigrees either here in the USA or in Europe.  Each parent’s pedigree is available to view on our website while their litter is listed, see the bottom of the health testing tab.


What happens after I get my puppy home?  Are we on our own?


At J’adore, we love our pups from the moment they are born and genuinely care about that pup’s welfare.  We are always here for you throughout the pup’s lifetime for any questions, concerns, advice or referrals if needed.


Do you ever have any adult dogs available?


Yes, we do.  If we determine that a dog is not right for our breeding program (for various reasons) or decide to retire a show dog, then we do add that dog to our list for finding a new suitable home and will advertise that dog along with any puppies we have available. 


What if I decide I want to breed my dog?


Unless otherwise stated in the sale contract, the J’adore puppy cannot be bred without written agreement from J’adore prior to breeding.  Please discuss breeding with J’adore prior to breeding.  No AKC papers will be available for an unauthorized litter.  


What happens if I want to sell my dog or can no longer care for my dog?


We do not require an owner to give J’adore “first right of refusal” when selling your pup.  If the buyer decides to sell the pup then the contract is nullified.  If your circumstances change, J’adore has a no questions asked “pup come back home” policy.  No J’adore pup should ever be in the position of being homeless, turned into a rescue, or shelter situation.

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