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Health Testing

J'adore Biewers is very proud that our dogs are thoroughly tested when acquired and all recommended testing is completed prior to breeding. We put much thought into pairing our dogs for our breeding program as our goal is to breed the healthiest puppies and best examples of this breed possible.   

We are fortunate to say that ALL our dogs have tested 100% Pure Bred Biewer Terrier through DNA.  In addition, their genetic health testing results show that they are CLEAR of any known hereditary canine diseases - that affect the Biewer Terrier's health.  However, genetics is an ever expanding field of science, so our guarantee applies to the diseases that the parents were tested for....some 250+ common canine diseases that were available at the time the parents were tested.  At this time, our OFA testing results are awaiting processing for certification.  Our OFA testing includes cardiac, patella, eyes and hips.  *Please note that all this testing is far more than what the AKC and parent club - the Biewer Terrier Club of America (BTCA) currently recommends, more than what most breeders actually do on their dogs.  All results will be posted as they become available.

*** See OUR DOGS pages for health testing and pedigrees! 

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